About us

A company with the ambition, the aspiration & the will to make it happen

About Touch Pay

Touch Payment Services is an Indian company, with branches in the USA and UAE, operating on an online payment system. With Touch Pay Inc, now you can easily send, receive funds to your loved ones and even to international businesses, without any bar of currencies, and at a very affordable price

Touch Pay Wallet is very simple, secure and reliable to operate. At Touch pay inc. we value time, so we assure all the transactions within a few seconds and it is our responsibility to deliver your money to you within the blink of an eye. With TouchPay your money reached you at the right time. This responsibility is ours, we understand the need for money at the right time because only you have the right over your money!

TouchPay is a leader in online payment solutions in India because it is designed keeping in mind the payment gateway services. We handle payments to online sellers, auctions, and other commercial users. For which we do not charge you any money but we charge very little on withdrawal and forex, other than that everything is free for you. With ToucPay business account holders can accept online payments through their website instantly.

Our staff members are energetic technocrats with vast experience in software, internet, and web-based technologies. Each personnel undergoes intensive training on Customer Service, Communication Management to deliver effective results along with the latest technology training prevalent in the world. Our services are designed to increase your profit, protect your business and satisfy your needs.

Our team is strong, which consists of consultants for all related queries, who are themselves updated with technology, Our team constantly works on various aspects which are necessary to reduce fraud in online business.

A company with enthusiasm, aspiration, and the ability to be continuously dynamic.